The group is well established in the business of processing & marketing of Air Textured polyester yarn and polyester synthetic fabrics…

The group has a combined capacity of 100 nos Jet Dyeing machines & 10 nos Stenter machines, with other necessary ancillary machinery like, Continuous Weight Reduction machinery, rotary drum washers, Zero-Zero machines (pre shrinking machinery), De casting machineries.

The group also has 21 nos latest Air Texturing machinery, for producing 750 tonnes per month of fancy type of Air Textured yarn , in many varieties, to cater to the requirements of a wide variety of fabrics. There is also a yarn dyeing plant with a dyeing capacity of 500 tonnes per month.

Besides supplying yarn to most of the elite fabric manufacturers in india, our yarn is also being exported to Middle East (Dubai), Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, Greece, Argentina, Maxico Vietnam, Germany, and Belgium etc. We have our marketing offices in Dubai, Bangkok and Beijing to promote our yarn exports. Our weaving division has picanol rapier looms & tseudakoma water jet looms, producing exclusive quality fabrics for our trading divisions.

Our trading company, Sudamo Impex specialises in the marketing of high quality polyester suiting & shirting. The other company madhusudan mills specialises in the marketing of high quality value added sarees, with exclusive embroidery designs.

Both the divisions have their own computerised design centre for producing exclusive designs.

krishnagopal-mundra Chairman's Message
Mr. Krishnagopal Mundra
Mr. Krishnagopal Mundra heads the Madhusudan Group, an Organization fully devoted for Customer Satisfaction thro’ Product Quality, Product Innovation and  100% Fulfillment of all Commitments to the Customer. Under the Chairmanship of Shri. Krishna Gopal Mundra, the Madhusudan Group  strive to position our selves as the leader of Air Textured Yarn Manufacturer in India. The...

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The group is well established in the business of processing & marketing of Air Texturised polyester yarn and polyester synthetic fabrics, like suiting, shirting, sarees, ladies dress material, embroidery fabrics, home textiles, etc. for both local markets and export markets.