Mr. Krishnagopal Mundra

I am filled with immense pleasure and pride when I behold Madhusudan Group as a premier and reputed organization. We have successfully integrated a vertical business model ranging from yarns to fabrics. At the same time, we have adapted state of art technologies and have continuously innovated through a common vision of excellence and professionalism. The group has carved its name in the core business of textiles while standing on firm beliefs, values and quality standards.

We are highly ethical in our practices and are highly motivated to meet our commitments and targets. We constantly strive to add value to our customer’s business by providing them with superior quality products at competitive prices. Quality is the cornerstone of our success; Innovation in our products is a non-negotiable priority for us.

We are also committed towards imbibing social values in our employees. We believe that our success is directly related to the growth of the society. As a socially responsible organization, we periodically organize blood donation camps and hold medical awareness seminars to educate people about common health practices.  Not forgetting the importance of education, we strive to provide suitable financial assistance to needy students through our charitable trusts.

In the end, I must acknowledge and appreciate the continuous and untiring efforts of the Madhusudan members and our customers for their never-ending support in shaping the performance of the company and enabling the group to reach its present position. I believe that their continuous endeavors will assist the organization to achieve new heights every day.