Madhusudan group treats its customers as the real assets & nurtures a healthy bond with the them by being reliable as a brand name, credible as a supplier, open to suggestions at all times, responsive to issues with immediate action and consistent with quality, always.

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Madhusudan Group is perfectly crafted to fit in with the ethics of conventional textile business while simultaneously blending in the most advanced innovations in machinery, out of the box strategies for the business, experimental ideas, and ingenious designs. With the best of both worlds moving hand in hand, the group has displayed immense potential to bring about a revolutionary changes within the company, along with the domestic as well as international textile markets all throughout.

Trends from Threads

Trends from threads is an in-house event organized by Madhusudan Group every 3 years at their set up where latest development in terms of machineries, fabrics, fashions is showcased and discussed. The most eminent clients from all the units are invited and a gathering of almost 4000-5000 people takes place; including industry veterans, company directors, and respected clients. Since a lot of fruitful networking happens, it is an event that a lot of people look forward to.

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