Madhusudan Group - Yarn, Weaving and Knitting Group
Madhusudan Group - Yarn, Weaving and Knitting Group


We take care of our clients’ assets with respect, strong sense of responsibility, and individual approach.

Power to Change - Madhusudan Group - Yarn, Weaving and Knitting Group

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Madhusudan Group is perfectly crafted to fit in with the ethics of conventional textile business while simultaneously blending in the most advanced innovations in machinery, out of the box strategies for the business, experimental ideas, and ingenious designs. With the best of both worlds moving hand in hand, the group has displayed immense potential to bring about a revolutionary changes within the company, along with the domestic as well as international textile markets all throughout.



Yarnex – 2019

Madhusudan Group participated in 17th edition of Yarnex held in Ludhiana. Yarnex brings together manufacturers and suppliers of Fibers, Yarns and related Services to showcase their merchandise to buyers from across the world. We presented our green, sustainable alternative to virgin polyester, M-rec that is created from recycled plastic. Mrec uses existing plastic and turns it into a versatile, high-quality fabric that uses limited resources and reduces pollution.

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